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Amusement Park
“Amusement park with easy access by train. (The only amusement park in Seoul-You can get cheap transportation) There are separate indoor and outdoor spaces, but all are available.”
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“Beautiful nature🍀 Outdoor activities 🚲 Fine restaurants, cafe, bakery inside the park☕”
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“Great to look at the sightseeing on the top of the building and also good place for shopping ”
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“Seokchon Lake is located near Lotte World Tower and the scenery of all seasons is beautiful. The view at night is more beautiful. There are nice cafes and various restaurants around. 석촌호수는 롯데월드타워에 가까이 위치하고 있으며 사계절 경치가 아름답다. 밤에 보는 경치가 더욱 아름답다. 주변에 멋진카페와 먹거리가 있다.”
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“Lotte World Aquarium is more than just a fishing port. It's an aquatic theme park where you can see many creatures in the sea close by. The aquarium is home to about 55,000 marine animals of about 650 species.”
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“Fun university student area with reasonable prices and a great selection. Also great shopping at Common Grounds. You can take the bus 721 in front of Paris Baquette or the subway to get there.”
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Baseball Stadium
“Jamsil Baseball Stadium is part of the Jamsil Sports Complex, Korea's largest integrated sports center. The complex consists of the Olympic Main Stadium, Auxiliary Stadium, Jamsil Gymnasium, Jamsil Baseball Stadium, Jamsil Swimming Pool, Jamsil Inline Skating Rink and the Sports Park. The Olympic Stadium is rich in history, as it successfully hosted both the 10th Asian Games and the XXIV Seoul Olympic Games. Visited by many tourists from home and abroad, it has lately played host to numerous international sporting contests in soccer, marathon and track and field, as well as operas and large music concerts.”
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Tienda por departamento
“Best place for shopping and movie[Lotte Department Store and Lotte Cinema] ”
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“Han river. you should go and ride a bike with your friends. and then eat chicken and beer together looking at the beautiful scenery. ”
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“Olympic Park is an impressive leisure facility in which historic remains from the Baekje Era share space with modern, state-of-the-art sports stadiums, an eco-friendly forest, and spacious grassy fields. The legacy of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the park not only houses the country’s largest sports arena, but has also become a place where Seoul residents come to relax and unwind. Spread across 430,000 pyeong (approximately 1.45 million ㎡), Olympic Park encompasses the land that was once Mongchontoseong Fortress and Mongchonhaeja (manmade lake) from the early Baekje period. The park is divided into several zones, including a leisure sports park, a cultural art park, an eco-park, and the Histor”
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“You can lent bicycles and kayaks. There is a outdoor swimming pool in summer and Sledding Hill in winter. It opens all year round and has a variety of attractions that change with each season. During the summer season, visitors can enjoy the thrill of windsurfing, waterskiing, and motor boating. During spring and fall, the park has a number of seasonal flower exhibitions. In winter, sledding and skating await. ”
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Tienda de cosmética
“The store is located in a major shopping center along with Seoul’s iconic theme park Lotte World, and the World branches of Lotte Mart, and the making it the perfect place to enjoy culture.”
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“한국에서 손꼽히는 놀이동산으로 아이들과 어른 모두 즐길 수 있는 공간입니다. 굳이 놀이동산이 아니어도 국내 최대 쇼핑 랜드마크로 화장품, 의류, 명품, 맛집, 영화관 등 모든 것을 한번에 끝낼 수 있는 공간입니다. ”
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“Seokchon Lake Park is famous for its cherryblossom trees all around the lakes around April. Not only there is Lotte world mall near the lake, but also there is Songridangil with good restaurants and cafe, it is perfect place to enjoy shopping and have a rest at the same time.”
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“Historical area, nice view, rarely peaceful area in a city, easy to visit. ”
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“Enjoy jogging, bike riding, sun-bathing in the green grass, taking the cruise ship, having chicken and beer, meeting with people and so on. ”
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